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Don Burnstick

Native Stars Comedian

Joe Tohonnie

WMAT Crown Dancers

Knifewing & Hershey Miyamura

Mr. Miyamura is a Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Tracy Lee Nelson

Native Stars Artist

Knifewing & Tonemah

Native Stars Artists

2013 Entreprenuers NMSBDC

Knifewing Productions – Native Stars



“Knifewing is an honorable man that gives it all he’s got to every production he is lifting up. His dedication and persistence in providing progressive and traditional events to the southwest communities of Arizona and New Mexico has given him a valuable track record to lead the massive cornerstone of an event like the GALLUP FILM FESTIVAL”

– Brittany Madrid, Madrid Films


“For any of you looking for the absolute best concert producer anywhere, look no further than Knifewing Segura. He is a true professional and understands this business like no one else I know. In addition to being a consummate professional, he also is a lot of fun to work with. With Knifewing in charge, you never have to worry about a thing. Your concert or whatever production you are planning will always be a huge success with him at the head of the helm! I continue to look forward to the next time that I will work with him. He is simply the best!”

– Liz Hill, President Liz Hill Public Relations