Native Stars Recording Studio is home to our own world renowned native stars and many high profile artist of all fields and genres. Created specifically to provide an environment that inspires creativity and offers an exclusive southwest feel that is an elegant alternative to traditional, commercial recording studios. Located in beautiful Gallup, New Mexico, Native Stars is equipped to host all stages of music productions, film and video productions, and specializing in documentaries and language preservation, from writing through mixing.

Native Stars Recording Studio is run by a small specialized studio team from our base in Gallup, the Indian Capital of The World. We are the most suitable studio for your project, however large, small, diverse or complicated. Native Stars Recording Studio has worked in partnership with some of the biggest producers and studios in the world, including Deluxe Studio, Pixar and Disney, but if you are just starting out we can help you make the right choice for your recording project. Our studio has been hand picked specifically for language preservation and native language voiceovers.

Our most recent projects Recorded

– 2019 “Fist Full Of Dollars” Released in 2021

– 2015 “Finging Nemo”

– 2013 “Navajo Star Wars”

– Census for National television and radio

– We Shall Remain: The Navajo Video

– Empty Hogans; A Return to Hweelde

We are proud to be in the forefront of language preservation having been a steadfast advocate in this area. Along with native voiceovers to popular movies and creating native music, we have also created documentaries to preserve dying cultures and traditions before anyone had thoughts of trying to preserve these precious and important histories of all our diverse people throughout the world.

We are currently working on obtaining funding for creating a mobile recording studio to bring language preservation to every area of the world. However in the meantime our specialist and language preservation team will assist you in this area if you have a language idea for preservation that we have not yet covered and you would like to see preserved. This can be an idea for our projects, or in a project of your own, our experts are here to assist you.

We work closely with the Gallup Film Festival to have distinguished language or culture preservation films submitted and shown during this prestigious and well known film festival. For more information please call or use our contact form.