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Fernando Cellicion

Fernando Cellicion
Fernando Cellicion is an internationally renowned Native flute player, singer, performer and recording artist. He is a member of the Zuni Tribe and lives in the Pueblo of Zuni in the state of New Mexico. He is also the director of the The Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers.

Both Fernando and his dance troupe have traveled and performed throughout the United States, Canada, Parts of Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

The dance troupe has passed on the family tradition in the performing arts to their own children. This third generation of performers are known as the The Cellicion Traditional Junior Dancers.

These children are all under the age of ten and have learned the songs and dances at a very early age. As a special highlight, the young ones will join the adult dancers to create a bigger group and give the audiences a better look at the dances done by dancers of all ages. Some of the dances performed are the Eagle Dance, the Pottery Dance, The Zuni Turkey Dance, The Deer Dance, The Star Dance, The White Buffalo Dance, The Rainbow Dance, The Harvest Dance and The Cloud Dance.

Fernando and his group believe in sharing and educating one another to learn a little bit about social cultures. Hopefully this will help the people understand one another better to bring peace, harmony and unity among the people throughout Mother Earth.